Latest News: Flying Jibs has been in the business of "flying jibs" since 1996


13 May 2013
Texas Tenors Concert | 30' Jimmy Jib

9 May 2013
ASU Commencement | 24' Jimmy Jib

3 Jan 2013

ESPN Gameday Set | Fiesta Bowl 21' Jib

4 Nov 2012

FOX Sports SUNS Live | ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Studio jib provided by Flying Jibs. 7' Jib


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Jib Arms | Dolly Systems

Robert Hayton | Owner and Operator

established his jib business in 1996 and has operated camera cranes and jib arms for a variety of clients.


Twenty five years of production experience operating hand held cameras, hard cameras, and remote head systems, has provided Robert with a long list of credits in his professional career.

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Jimmy Jib Triangle | Providing quality, precision moves, and control. Constructed with high strength aluminum 3ft. extensions, the Triangle can achieve a reach of 6ft. to 30' from the pivot of the jib.

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Dana Dolly | Motion on a rail. Smooth, compact and easy to set up in a few minutes. 100MM bowl adapter, 6ft., 7ft., 8ft. track.

Longer track based on request.

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